Friday, 1 January 2010

Earl Okin Gramophone Show No.10

To download, click HERE

(1) Baby, It’s Cold Outside - Loesser.ELLA FITZGERALD & LOUIS JORDAN.
(2) LE CID – Massenet. Pleurez, Mes Yeux. FÉLIA LITVINNE.
(3) West End Blues – Oliver. KING OLIVER.
(4) West End Blues – Oliver. LOUIS ARMSTRONG.
(5) My September Love - Evans/Mullan. THE GOONS.
(6) SADKO – Rimsky-Korsakov. Berceuse. NINA KOSHETZ.
(7) Daddy – Bennett. BILLY BENNETT.
(8) Sister Jane – Okin. EARL OKIN.

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Loek said...

Thanks again, Earl! A true Variety Show, with Art, art, comedy & Comedy (although I can't understand 70% of what the Goons are talking about, being a non-Brit), and Great Entertainment. West End Blues, back to back: great idea. And my Jane likes your Sister Jane!
(I assume the glitches in the recordings come with the system ...)

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