Sunday, 5 April 2009

Earl Okin's Gramophone Show 1

Episode 1! (The collector's item!!! Get in quickly!)

Earl offers you a virtual tour of some of the 10,000 78rpm records on his shelves explaining a little of their history and musical importance.

In so doing, he also demonstrates the influences on his own unique style of performance.
Each of these podcasts will also contain one of Earl's own a bonus!

The picture shows Earl as a young man with one of his wind-up gramophones and just a couple of his 78rpm treasures even back then...

Earl's MySpace Page, offering his gig list and a few of his recent recordings...

The 78rpm page in Earl's own Web Site.

Featured Songs
  1. Love Me Or Leave Me - Donaldson/Kahn. RUTH ETTING.
  2. GIANNI SCHICCHI-Puccini. O My Beloved Father. JOAN HAMMOND.
  3. St. Louis Blues - Handy. PAUL ROBESON.
  4. Tremolo Study - Tarrega. ANDRES SEGOVIA.
  6. Hey, Honey! - Okin. EARL OKIN.

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