Saturday, 1 September 2012

Earl Okin's Gramophone Show No.42

Earl Okin's Gramophone Show No. 42

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(1) If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight – Johnson/Razaf. LOUIS ARMSTRONG.
(2) The Coronations of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II.
(3) The Four Minute Mile. ROGER BANNISTER.
(4) LA SONNAMBULA - Bellini. Prendi L'Anel Ti Dono. DINO BORGIOLI.
(5) Cheer Up, Smile, Nerts - ??? EDDIE CANTOR.
(6) TURANDOT - Puccini. Nessun Dorma. HARRY SECOMBE.
(7) She Wouldn't Do What I Asked Her To - ???  ARCADIA PEACOCK  ORCHESTRA.
(8) Nightingale - Okin. EARL OKIN.

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