Thursday, 1 March 2012

Earl Okin's Gramophone Show No.36

To download, please click HERE 
  1. LA TOSCA – Puccini. Vissi D’Arte. MAGDA OLIVERO. 
  2. Straddle The Fence – Calloway/Heywood/Mills. MILLS BLUE RHYTHM BAND. 
  3. Give Me A Night In June - Friend. NOBLE SISSLE. 
  4. You Do Look Well! – Langley/Hyde. WILL EVANS.
  5. The Whole Damm Family - ???. BILLY MURRAY. 
  6. None But The Lonely Heart – Tchaikowsky. NINA KOSHETZ. 
  7. Let Me Choose The Tie – Okin. EARL OKIN.

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