Sunday, 1 March 2015


Earl Okin's Gramophone Show No.72

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72. 201503.

(1) Let’s Spring One - Rene. KING COLE TRIO.
(2) Where Do The Flies Go? – Leo/Mayo. ERNIE MAYNE.
(3) RIGOLETTO – Verdi. Ella Mi Fu Rapita…Parmi Veder Le Lagrime. GUIDO VOLPI.
(4) Tea For Two – Youmans/Caesar. METROPOLITAN OPERA JAM SESSION.
(5) The Bee Song - Blain. ARTHUR ASKEY.
(6) Core ‘Ngrato – Cardillo/Sisca. TINO ROSSI.

(7) Those Were The Good Days – Okin/Avadis. EARL OKIN.

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Regan said...

Earl, I live in a little town called Anacortes that is located on a small island in the San Juan Islands of Washington State, USA. I *love* your show and have been listening to it ever since I saw a video of you singing Come into my room. It made me giggle, and I looked you up. It keeps me company in the evening hours as I work on graphic design or marketing projects and unwind. This show is FANTASTIC and I hope to meet you one day! I am happy to hear that someone is smart enough to film you for a documentary. I can't wait. Much appreciation is sent your way from my cozy corner of the globe. Sincerely - Regan, a girl who did not know enough about 78's before Mr. Okin's Amazing Gramophone Show!

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