Saturday, 1 July 2017


Earl Okin's 100th Gramophone Show!!!

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(1) SADKO – Rimsky-Korsakov. Song Of The Viking Guest. FEODOR CHALIAPIN.
(2) Daybreak Express – Ellington. DUKE ELLINGTON ORCHESTRA.
(3) That’s Where The Soldiers Go - ???. LILY MORRIS.
(4) FAUST – Gounod. Salut! Demeure Chaste Et Pure. ENRICO CARUSO.
(5) Beau Koo Jack – Hill/Armstrong/Melrose. LOUIS ARMSTRONG SAVOY BALLROOM FIVE.
(6) It’s A Great Big Shame – Le Brunn/Bateman. GUS ELEN.
(7) Twenty Months Ago – Okin. EARL OKIN.

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